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Whole Home Dehumidifier Installation & Repair

Excess mold and mildew can play havoc with your health. Express Pros dehumidifier installation & repair can get your health, and home balanced.

Why Would I Need a Dehumidfier?

The greater Denver area has the third lowest humidity level in the country, but moisture content in the air can still be a factor in older homes and basements. If your house envelope is very tight, that’s good for your energy bills; it may also lead you to need a dehumidifier. Here in the front range, with our pleasant summers, the more we ventilate, the more likely it can be that we’ll need supplemental dehumidification.

Pollen, dust, carbon monoxide, mold, carbon dioxide and mildew can also be lessened with a quality whole home dehumidifier from Express Pros.

How Does A Whole Home Dehumidifier work?

Today’s homes are built with very tight envelopes and consequently have less air exchange and less air exchange can lead to moisture buildup. Dehumidifiers work by drawing humid air over a cold coil with a fan. This condenses the moisture rich, humid air into liquid, the water is then removed via a drain pipe. The dry air then passes over a warm coil and is fed back into your room.

whole home dehumidifier denver

Modifying your home to make it more energy efficient is a laudable exercise, but some modifications made to the construction of your home or business can cause problems. Sealing off windows and door frames too tightly, sure, it’ll save on utility bills, but it also negatively affects the airflow, and air quality inside. Heavy moisture content in the air can contain mold spores that are bad for your respiratory system; a dehumidifier can solve this issue for you. Talk to one of our technicians if you have any doubts or concerns about your home’s relative humidity.

If You Are Experiencing Any Of These Symptoms You May Have A Moisture Issue

  • Clammy and damp feeling skin
  • Musty odors
  • Damp and moldy attics and basements

Two Solutions For Humidity Control

Firstly, there are basement dehumidifiers that are typically used in storage spaces, workshops, and basement areas. These are OK if you have a localized issue, but if you are using one every day and removing a significant amount of water it might be prudent to have one of our technicians troubleshoot the area.


Secondly there are whole home dehumidifiers that can either run in conjunction with your air conditioning system or independently from it. whole house dehumidifiers add the right amount of moisture to your home and give greater flexibility than portable units. There is no need to continually refill and clean them and they don’t become clogged with dirt, bacteria or mold. Regular maintenance from Express Pros will keep them running for years.