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UV Air Sanitizer System Installation

Eliminate the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses with the power of a UV air sanitizer system.


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Express Pros can install the latest UV air sanitizers to protect the health of you and your family. UV air sanitizers are installed inside your HVAC system and emit a (harmless to humans) ray of UV light that kills airborne pathogens like mold and mildew.

Online reviews of UV Air Sanitizer Systems that we have installed can be seen by clicking here.

How Do UV Air Sanitizers Work?

UV air sanitizers use an incredibly sophisticated method to eradicate even the most resilient of bacteria. The same technology is used in hospital surgery rooms and in the preparation of surgical equipment. UV air sanitizers use bursts of high-intensity electromagnetic radiation in order to kill the microbes and bacteria that can cause respiratory problems.

What are the benefits?

Because UV air sanitizers are installed inside your HVAC system they provide many advantages over HEPA filters and other stand-alone units. Some units can only manage to purify one room at a time and mold and other microbes can cycle through your entire home regardless. A central UV air sanitizing unit can purify every particle of air that is cycled through your entire HVAC system.

Installing An Ultraviolet Light Air Sanitizer Can:

  • Reduce allergy symptoms,
  • Reduce respiratory problems
  • Reduce the accumulation of dust
  •  Lower the amount of microbes in the air

Here are 5 Things to Look For In An Ultraviolet Light Air Sanitizer

  • It must kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and mildew
  • It must purify and freshen the air and eliminate odors
  • It should have a long lamp life
  • It should cover a large enough coverage area for your needs
  • It must keep the air ducts and AC cooling coil clean

Ultraviolet air sanitizers two main benefits are:

  • Disinfecting the air you and your family breathes
  • Inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew and other airborne pathogens

The UV light radiates onto a surface and stops mold in its tracks, furthermore, the air stream is constantly being treated as it passes through the HVAC system.

In one pass over the UV air sanitizer only a modest amount of disinfection is achieved, when multiplied by how many passes the same air makes over a day, one can quickly see the benefits are huge.

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