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R????n? Why H??t?ng I? So Expensive

Th? w?nt?r months are l??m?ng n??r ?nd if l??t ?umm?r was ?n? ?nd???t??n, w? are b?und to f??? hug? d?ff??ult? dur?ng the ??ld season. The ?umm?r w?? ?h?r??t?r?z?d by record heat ?nd dr?ught ??nd?t??n?, ?ll of wh??h w?r? br?ught ?b?ut by climate ?h?ng?.?We h?v? got t? b? ?r???r?d in the b??t way th?t we ??n […]

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H?w t? W?nt?r?z? Your Swamp C??l?r

Below ?r? a f?w steps th?t w?ll help prepare ??ur swamp c??l?r for th? winter and will help ensure your swamp cooler?l??ts f?r ???r? to come. Th?r? ?r? a f?w things th?t you should d? t? winterize your ?v???r?t?v? cooler, or swamp cooler. W?nt?r?z?ng a swamp c??l?r not ?nl? ??v?s ??u m??nt?n?n?? dur?ng the summer, […]

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