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Summer Home Maintenance Made Easy

10 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer Heat

Denver HVAC MaintenanceNow is the time to prepare for the warmer months. People seldom think of getting their air conditioners in working order until it?s the hottest day of the year. It?s important for the home and its inhabitants that a home remain comfortable.

However, waiting until it?s warmer outside means that a greater number of customers are in need of HVAC repairs. There are 10 effective ways to keep the home cool and save on costs.


Cleaning air ducts can help to increase energy efficiency. During the time air ducts are being cleaned it?s a good idea to check for any cracks or leaks and seal the up. The air quality in the home will be greatly improved from cleaning the air ducts, which collect a large amount of dust and other debris.

Condensing coils also need to be cleaned. It is recommended that they are cleaned annually. This is especially true if the air conditioning unit is located outside of the home, and it may need to be cleaned more often.

Another issue that can block proper air flow are clogged filters. Anything that obstructs an air conditioner?s air flow will lead to inefficiency. Filers can also be replaced. This one simple step can save between five and fifteen percent of energy consumption. Filters need to be changed regularly, and they need to be changed more often if a home is located in areas with considerable dust or if the home has furry pets.


Remove debris from around the air conditioning unit that could potentially cause blockage. This may include lint from a dryer vent. Leaves, weeds and other debris from the yard can cause blockage as well.

Air conditioning drains need to be unclogged as well. An air conditioning unit?s drain keeps it from being too humid. It needs to remain clear and free of debris to help prevent excessive humidity in the home.

Remove the air conditioning unit if it outside to prevent debris from collecting in and around the unit.


Coil fins may need to be replaced or straightened out. Coil fins can block airflow. Straightening out coil fins can help to return them to their original condition to allow for optimal airflow.Denver Cooling

Replace refrigerant to make sure an air conditioning unit is providing cool air. Leaks should be tested for to avoid the air conditioning unit from leaking refrigerant.


Oil motors, belts and electric terminals need to be checked as well.

Thermostats need to be checked to gauge accuracy.

Hire a professional to provide consistent air conditioning maintenance.

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