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Choose Express Pros for all of your residential & commercial electrical services. We are a fully licensed electrical contractor (DORA License #: EC.0007946). Call today:303-420-0420!

The greater Denver area experiences a wide range of weather patterns on a regular basis. Power surges and lightning strikes can cause out of pocket expenses that can really awful surprise.

At Express Pros we can run dedicated electrical lines for larger items like hot tubs or chest freezers. Anything that is going to trip your fuses and adds to the pull from the main power source should have one, and we can do it.

We offer all types of Electrical Services and can help diagnose even surge protectors

Most surge protectors have a light on them someplace. If your light is burnt out, dim, or flickering, your surge protector has experienced a surge somewhere along the line and is no longer fully capable of protecting your PC, or whatever hardware you have plugged into it. Some surge protectors have a protected light that is just a power light in disguise. Don't be fooled, have one of our skilled electricians come and check it out.

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Safety is our concern, Our staff is highly trained and only insured electricians.

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We are a fully licensed electrical contractor
(DORA License #: EC.0007946).

Installing new Electrical Outlets

If you find that you are tripping your breaker (even with the proper cords) you are probably overloading your circuit. The best course of action is to have one of our licensed electricians come and analyze your electrical needs and safely add on additional outlets. Having new outlets installed by a professional Express Pros electrician is really the only safe option. When it comes to electricity, safety is a primary concern. Today?s modern appliances need a lot of power and sometimes older homes can be lacking in outlets. Extension cords can overheat and cause a fire and even cords with a power surge protector can be messy. Call 303-420-0420 today to have one of our highly trained and insured electricians come and look after your electrical projects.