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3 Unexpected Ways to Save on Cooling Costs

Save On Cooling Costs This Summer

Denver Energy EfficiencyIf you are tired of dealing with high energy bills during the hot summer months, you are not alone. Cooling costs can account for a large portion of your total energy consumption in the home, and this is why many people see their home energy costs rise during the summer season.

When it comes to lowering your energy costs, there are a few great ideas that you can begin implementing right away.

Improve How You Use Appliances

Heat that is generated inside the home can play a major role in cooling costs, so you can reduce cooling costs by using your appliances strategically.

The clothes dryer as well as cooking appliances like the range and oven all produce a lot of heat, and your cooling system may have to work harder during the hot daylight hours to keep your home cool if you use these appliances in the daytime. One idea is to dry your clothes at night when the home is naturally cooler. Another idea is to avoid using the oven and range if possible and opt for the microwave instead.

Service Your Heating and Cooling System

Servicing your HVAC system can also help you to reduce cooling costs during the summer. This can result in the various internal components in the system being cleaned so that they can work more efficiently for you. As part of the maintenance, you may also have your air ducts cleaned and air filters replaced. When these are dirty, the cooling system will need to work harder to cool the home, so keeping them clean can improve efficiency and save you money.

Invest in Solar ScreensDenver cooling

A final idea to consider is to invest in solar screens. When sunlight directly hits your windows, it has a greenhouse-like effect on the home. Solar screens are designed to block these rays and can have a dramatic improvement on indoor temperature and energy efficiency.

These screens are most beneficial when installed on windows facing the east or west, and this is because these are windows that receive direct sunlight.

When you think about keeping your home cool and saving money, you may think about making adjustments to the thermostat or using ceiling fans to circulate the air.

These are steps that you can take to reduce energy consumption while keeping your home cool. However, these other ideas can also have a wonderful impact on energy efficiency, and you can begin implementing them today.

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