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Three Reasons to Choose a Heat Pump to Warm Up Your Home

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There are a variety of decisions that homebuilders and/or buyers face when looking at prospective residences. One question to answer is the type of HVAC system that is needed for the home. Factors such as climate and energy efficiency, are variables buyers need to consider.

When purchasing a home in a neighborhood constructed by a developer, the homebuyer may not have much choice in what HVAC system is installed to heat and cool the home. For potential buyers who have this option, there are sound reasons to have a heat pumps installed for warming in the winter seasons.

Denver Heat Pump Services1. Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps operate by pulling heat from the outside air and passing it into the home. A common unit is the air source heat pump, which transfers heat from the outside air, into the house. An electric heat pump can save the homeowner 30% to 40% on electricity usage.

When below-freezing weather sets in, the heat pump may still deliver sufficient warmth with some planning. Most heat pumps use electric resistance heaters for colder temperatures. However, units with back-up burners will enhance the heat pump system while still providing savings on electricity.

2. Many Heat Sources

Homeowners have other heat pump choices outside of air source models. Absorption heat pumps are currently available for larger residences 4,000 square feet or more. Absorption heat pumps use an ammonia and water based cycle to heat home interiors.

Budget flexible builders may want to consider geothermal, (ground-source or water-source) heat pumps. The installation costs are higher with these models, but the operating costs are lower because the systems function on the stabilized heat source derived from the ground or water. Geothermal systems are utilized in extreme climates with high customer satisfaction.

3. Reverse Cycles

A big plus for the heat pump is its ability to heat and cool a home. As the heat pump can pull heat out of the outside air to warm up a home, the same unit may also pull heat out from within the home, enabling a cooling cycle. Higher efficiency heat pumps handle air humidity better than basic air conditioning systems, resulting in lower operating costs and better cooling in the summer months.
Homeowners looking for savings alternatives to oil/furnace installations and other systems, will benefit from the year round versatility of heat pump production.

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