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Key to Better Home Ventilation This Fall

3 Ways to Improve Home Ventilation?This Fall?

In the Spring and Summer, improving the ventilation of your home is rather simple; open a window, if you have a screen door just leave the door open amd let air flow in through the screen. Fall, however, is a bit more complicated.

Sure, you could just open a window, but if you live in a cooler area, various insects and small animals may begin to seek warmth inside your home. As Fall arrives and the weather begins to cool down more and more, you may be wondering how to improve the ventilation of your home, without inviting in any unwanted guests. Well, here’s three ways to improve the ventilation in your home during the fall.

 Denver Home Ventilation Services1. Range Hood Ventilation

Many families enjoy making various homemade meals, baked goods and delicious warm drinks (hot chocolate or apple cider, anyone?) during the cooler days of fall. Although it’s nice to eat and drink these wonderful things and some of then smell almost heavenly, there are certain things (like brussel sprouts) that you just don’t want to be smelling all day and night.

That’s where a range hood comes in.
There are two main options when it comes to range hoods; vented range hoods and recirculation fans. Recirculation fans simply take in the air from your kitchen, move it through filters to cleanse it and then pushes it back into the kitchen. Vented range hoods; however, take the air from your kitchen and push it outside and bring the fresh, outdoor air in.

2. Whole-House Ventilation System

One of the best ways to ventilate your home is with a whole-house ventilation system. Rather than just recirculating the air in your bathroom, kitchen, or attic, this system replaces the air in every room of your house with fresh air from outside.

It also preheats or cools the air it brings in, so it doesn’t cause your heater or air conditioner to work harder. If you don’t already have a whole house ventilation system, it would be a good idea to install one as soon as possible, they are well worth it.

3. Ceiling Fans

If you don’t already have a ceiling fan, they are relatively cheap and easy to install. A ceiling fan can make your whole house fan more effective. If you don’t have a whole house fan, sometimes just moving the air can be enough to prevent it from becoming stale.

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