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Keeping Up With The Latest Heating & A/C Trends

Top 5 Heating & Air Conditioning Trends of 2018

Denver Air ConditioningIt is a small known fact, but home and business owners now have the capability to take more control of their expenses. This trend of 2018 is because of the growing prevalence of smart technology and increasingly connected to the world of internet.

As HVAC systems trend towards the use of more electronic, rather than mechanical components, it should be important to note how homes and business will change in the future.

Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat can be controlled from a mobile phone. It has a financial advantage because it reduces the heating and a cooling cost by a good percent. Every time a heating or a cooling change is made in a home, the thermostat nest sense is learning so that it can schedule and activate the preferences itself. The system even detects when no one is home and consequently adjusts the heating and the cooling system.

The Keen Vent

There is a smart vent that intelligently opens and closes to reduce the hotness and coldness of the rooms. Keens smart vents replace the existing vents and connect to the existing home network through the use of Zigbee.

Faceplates can be placed or a variety of exquisite and beautiful vents offered by firms chosen. Some zones in the house can be set so that direct flow of air to these areas is made easier, instead of the hallway.

Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner

According to the Quirky website, the system takes information from the home, learning from the location and schedule. It can be controlled from any location using a Wink app on a mobile phone, and also figures out the location of the GPS system of that phone. That way if someone is approaching home, the cooling system can turn on so that there is no entering into a sweltering, uncomfortable environment.

Cree LED Connected Bulbs

The ability to control the energy from a remote is becoming key to the smart home technology. These new light bulbs can allow lighting to turn on for before somebody enters in the room. When it becomes dark, the automatic light settings can be scheduled through the use of the wink and Zigbee hubs, primarily controlling home lighting from anywhere using apple or android phone.

The EchoDenver Cooling

This Amazon developed smart technology is too attractive to pass up, and it is meant to provide convenience in the homes. Amazon personal assistance, known as Alexa; using far-field voice recognition it can hear someone across the room and reminding the upcoming events, provides with updates on weather or answer some questions. Because of that, heating and cooling choices can make or break the energy efficiency and affordability of a home.

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