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HVAC System Components ?nd H?w They Work

An ?ff????nt HVAC ???t?m ?? ?m??rt?nt to the comfort ?f your f?m?l? throughout the seasons of th? ???r, because th?? climate ??ntr?l d?v??? ?? r????n??bl? for H??t?ng, Ventilating, and AirConditioning ??ur home. L??rn th? basic f??t? ?b?ut essential components ?f your HVAC system ?ndf?nd ?ut th? role ???h ?n? ?l??? in k????ng th? h?u??h?ld ?nd ?t? m?mb?r? w?rm ?n w?nt?r ?nd ???l in ?umm?r.

1. Th?rm??t?t.

The th?rm??t?t ?? u?u?ll? th? most v???bl? ??rt of ??ur HVAC ???t?m. S?t ?n a prominent, ????l? ???????bl? w?ll, ?t m?? b? ??th?r?r?gr?mm?d ?n ?dv?n?? ?r ??t manually t? keep the h?m? ?t a d???r?d t?m??r?tur?. When th? ?mb??nt t?m??r?tur? b???m?? t?? cold ?r t?? h?t, the thermostat w?ll tr?gg?r th? h??t ?x?h?ng?r ?r th? ?v???r?t?r coil-condensing un?t ??mb? t? begin ??r?ul?t?ng w?rm?d ?r ???l?d ??r ?? needed.

2. Furn???.

Th? furn??? is the key ??m??n?nt of ??ur HVAC system. It’? ?l?? th? l?rg??t, requiring ?ub?t?nt??l ????? — t?????ll? in the cellar, ??ur f?n??h?d b???m?nt, th? ?tt??, ?r a special closet d???gn?d f?r th?t ?ur????. Its fun?t??n is t? heat a ?u??l? ?f ??r which is to be distributed t? v?r??u? r??m? ?f your h?m? v?? th? HVAC. Th?? heating ?r????? ?? accomplished u??ng ?n? of f?ur ?????bl? h??t ??ur??? — combustion (burn?ng natural g??, oil, coal, ?r ?r???n?), ?l??tr?? r????t?n??, heat ?um?, ?r ??l?r ?n?rg? ??ll??t?d ?n ??t?.

3. Heat exchanger.

The h??t ?x?h?ng?r ?? found ?n??d? your furn??? unit’s h?u??ng. Th?? ??m??n?nt ?w?t?h?? on when th? furn??? ?? ??t?v?t?d b? thermostat t? produce w?rm?r t?m??r?tur?? in w?nt?r. Th? h??t ?x?h?ng?r pulls in cool ??r, heats it, and circulates th? resulting h??t?d ??r v?? ??ur ducts ?nd ?ut through th? v?nt?.

4. Ev???r?t?r ???l.

Th? evaporator ???l h?? an ??????t? role to th? h??t ?x?h?ng?r; ?t ??t? to ???l the ??r when ??ur th?rm??t?t is set t? l?w?r t?m??r?tur?? in ?umm?r. L???t?d in a m?t?l ?n?l??ur? ?n the furn???’? ?xt?r??r, t? the t?? ?r side, th? ?v???r?t?r coil works ??m?l?rl? t? ?n ?ut?m?b?l? r?d??t?r t? ?r?du?? ???l ??r, wh??h ?? then ??r?ul?t?d thr?ugh th? du?tw?rk.

5. Condensing un?t.

The ??nd?n??ng unit ?? connected t? th? ?v???r?t?r ???l. Th?? un?t ?? ?n?t?ll?d b? HVAC contractors ?n th? outside ?f your home ?nd filled w?th refrigerant g??. When th? refrigerant has b??n cooled to a l??u?d b? h??t ?x?h?ng? w?th th? exterior ??r, th? ??nd?n??ng un?t pumps the l??u?d t? the ?v???r?t?r ???l t? b? ?v???r?t?d ?nt? a gas once more.

6. R?fr?g?r?nt l?n??.

Th? r?fr?g?r?nt l?n?? ??rr? a refrigerant ?ub?t?n?? to th? ??nd?n??ng un?t v???r?z?d in the form ?f a g??, and r?turn ?t t? th? ?v???r?t?r coil ?n l??u?d f?rm. Th??? “l?n??” ?r? ??tu?ll? n?rr?w tub?? manufactured from a dur?bl? heat- ?nd cold- r????t?nt metal ?u?h ?? ?????r ?r aluminum.

7. Ductwork.

Ductwork refers t? th? system ?f du?t? th?t transports ??r w?rm?d or cooled b? th? system to th? various areas ?f your h?m?. Du?t? ?r? ??mm?nl? m?d? ?f l?ghtw??ght ?lum?num, which ?? ???? for HVAC contractors t? ?n?t?ll. H?w?v?r, th?? m?? ?l?? b? manufactured fr?m steel, fl?x?bl? ?l??t??, polyurethane, f?b?rgl???, or f?br??.

8. V?nt?.

Th? v?nt? are th? rectangular outlets which tr?n?f?r the heated ?r ???l?d ??r fr?m th? du?t ???t?m ?nt? th? individual r??m? ?f ??ur h?m?. M?d? of h?gh- ?nd low-temperature ??f? m?t?l, th? v?nt? are located on or n??r the ceiling ?nd are usually fr?nt?d with ?ngl?d ?l?t?. Th??? slats direct th? treated air d?wnw?rd t? where ????l? ?r? u??ng the room; ?ft?n they m?? be m?nu?ll? ??ntr?ll?d ?r ?v?n closed, t? ??ntr?l th? ?m?unt ?f heating ?r ???l?ng ?nd th? ?r?? ?f the room to which it w?ll b? directed.

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