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How Does Humidity Affect Your Health?

Your family’s health can benefit greatly from a humidifier installed by one of our pros. During cold weather, respiratory infections can be exacerbated by dry conditions. Dryness can develop in your nose and throat and cause severe discomfort. A humidifier can ease the pain and control the repeated occurrences of infection.

How Will A Humidifier Affect Your Comfort - And Your Home?

Proper relative humidity in your home affects your comfort levels because the air in your home is always trying to reach its saturation point. Water is constantly being siphoned off of you, your children, your pets, your furniture and even your plants. You need to replace this lost moisture to feel balanced in your home. Drinking water helps your body, but a humidifier can affect the whole ecosystem of your home.

What You Can Expect From Our Maintenance Technicians?

As with all our services, you can expect exemplary customer service. Our skilled and courteous technicians will investigate your humidifier to ascertain whether it needs a full replacement or just maintenance. Maintenance can include:

  • Changing your water panel

Water panels in humidifiers are made of an aluminum, honeycombed mesh, dipped in a ceramic material. Like any other filter, when it becomes clogged it does not run as efficiently. In the case of humidifiers, they become clogged with scale and mineral deposits. Mineral deposits from hard water restrict the airflow over time and reduce the efficacy of your humidifier.

  • Making Sure Your Unit Is Level

The unit (or distribution tray) in your humidifier must be level so that water will gravity feed evenly. A unit that is tilted to one side will not receive the correct amount of liquid and will be operating at an inferior level and your humidity levels will not be sufficient.

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