Heating your home takes up the largest percentage of energy use in your home. The type of heating system you install can have a significant impact on overall energy costs and a well chosen replacement system can have health and comfort ramifications too. Proper heating installation is vital.


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Selecting An Appropriate Home Heating System

When choosing a new heating system, there are several factors that should be considered. We can help you pick the right system that suits you and your home perfectly.


Forced air heating is the most popular distribution system in the Greater Denver region. Heat is distributed throughout your home via air ducts and registers. The main advantage of a forced air systems is that the ducts can also be used for central air conditioning. This double duty ducting works well here in our temperate climate and if properly installed can be a real energy saver. Improperly installed ductwork can transmit loud furnace noise and improperly serviced filters can circulate dust and odors throughout your home. Our HVAC professionals can replace any faulty or broken part of your forced air system with ease.

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New Furnace/Heating Installation And Replacement Efficiency

New gas, propane or oil furnaces can range in efficiency between 78% and 96% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) and generally fall into one of three categories.


New minimum efficiency furnaces have an AFUE of 78-80% (compared with 60-70% for older furnaces). Mid-efficiency furnaces have slightly higher efficiencies, up to 83% AFUE for gas or propane, and up to 87% for oil. High-efficiency gas condensing furnaces have AFUEs of 90-96%.
Your Express Pros installer can guide you to make the best choice for your home.

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You Don't Have To Go Big to stay warm or cost efficient.

Installing or replacing a system requires some careful planning and a team of experienced technicians. We will be with you from beginning to end on your project and we?ll walk and talk you through every step we make together. Proper sizing is particularly important to ensure efficient operation and whole home comfort.

Other installers have been known to install larger systems than are required because they feel it will lessen callbacks, compensate for poor distribution systems or mask substandard insulation. This money making tactic is good for them, but not energy efficient or practical for you.

If you are In the greater Denver area and you are in need of any heating system installation or repair, pick up the phone and call 303-420-0420 today. One of our friendly and licensed HVAC contractors will make sure the problem is solved quickly and affordably. That’s what sets our heating installation services apart from the competition. 

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