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H?w t? W?nt?r?z? Your Swamp C??l?r

Below ?r? a f?w steps th?t w?ll help prepare ??ur swamp c??l?r for th? winter and will help ensure your swamp cooler?l??ts f?r ???r? to come.

Th?r? ?r? a f?w things th?t you should d? t? winterize your ?v???r?t?v? cooler, or swamp cooler.

W?nt?r?z?ng a swamp c??l?r not ?nl? ??v?s ??u m??nt?n?n?? dur?ng the summer, but ??n actually h?l? t? m?k? th? un?t l??t ??v?r?l ???r? l?ng?r. H?r? are th? few easy steps that ??u ?h?uld d? ?n th? fall th?t will b? w?ll worth ??ur t?m?.

Step 1: Cut off th? power ?u??l? b?f?r? working on th? ???l?r.

You d? not n??d the ??w?r ?n t? winterize th? unit ?nd it ?? always safe ?r??t??? to d????nn??t the power ??ur?? b?f?r? working ?n ?n? ???l??n??.

Step 2: Turn ?ff th? valve ?u??l??ng w?t?r to your swamp ???l?r.

Th? w?t?r l?n? mu?t ?l?? be dr??n?d t? ?r?v?nt freezing during th? w?nt?r. This ??n be d?n? by d????nn??t?ng th? water l?n? ?t th? supply v?lv? and th? C??l?r. If the water line d??? n?t ?l??? all ?n? way th? w?t?r w?ll n?t dr??n by itself. If th?t ?? th? ????, go to th? highest ?nd ?nd bl?w thr?ugh th? l?n? t? force the w?t?r ?ut of th? l?n?.

Step 3: Dr??n th? ???l?r.

The ??n should be drained ?v?r? fall ?nd th? drain l?ft ???n t? ?ll?w ?n? r??nw?t?r to ?????? throughout th? winter. Ev?n ?ft?r dr??n?ng you will find d?rt ?nd mineral ??d?m?nt in th? bottom of th? pan. Th?? ?h?uld ?lw??? b? ?l??n?d ?ut. In your C??l?r th? water h?? b??n evaporating all ?umm?r while the m?n?r?l? ??nt?nu? to build u? in th? C??l?r ??n. I l?k? to u?? m? ?h?? v??uum t? remove ?ll ?f th? d?rt ?nd m?n?r?l?. Th?n w?th th? drain r?m??n?ng ???n, I h??? ?ut th? pan w?th fr??h w?t?r t? m?k? sure th? m?n?r?l? ?r? completely ?ut ?f the ??n. This w?ll h?l? to ?r?v?nt rusting ?f the m?t?l ??n through th? winter.

Step 4: Ch?ng? th? ???l?r pads in th? fall wh?n winterizing the un?t.

M??t people th?nk of doing th?? in th? spring wh?n starting th? ???l?r u?. K??? in mind, the ?ld pads h?v? h?d minerals bu?ld?ng u? ?n th?m ?ll thr?ugh th? summer. Th? w?? th? louver ??n?l? ?r? ?r?g?n?ll? bu?lt, they ??u?? ?n? r??nw?t?r t? fl?w into the C??l?r ?nd run d?wn th? ??d?. Th? pads ?r? pressed against the m?t?l l?uv?r? ?nd ??n ????d u? th? ru?t?ng ?ll throughout th? winter. With fresh new ??d? installed ?n th? f?ll, ??u w?ll k??? the louvers from rusting all throughout the w?nt?r.

Step 5: Install a cooler cover.

It ?t??? th? ?ut??d? ??r fr?m entering th? h?m? ?r building being ?u??l??d by the ?v???r?t?v? ???l?r. M??t h?m? Coolers h?v? a d?m??r that can b? ?l???d th?t w?ll prevent most ?f th? ??r from ?nt?r?ng th? du?t? ?nd getting into th? bu?ld?ng. A ??v?r is ???????ll? n??d?d ?f you d? n?t have this d?m??r ?r ?f th? d?m??r ?? not t?ght enough t? ?t?? any ??r from ?????ng ?n.

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