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Essential Facts About Your A/C Unit

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Your Air Conditioning Unit

Denver CoolingWhen the temperature outside feels like a furnace, your air conditioner can be a lifesaver. There are many air conditioners for sale at different prices, but they all do the same job.

Regardless of the brand, it will cool your home on demand. Your air conditioner does more than blow out cold air. Here are three facts you probably did not know about your air conditioning unit.

Your Air Conditioner Cleans Your Air

Of course your air conditioner keeps your house cool, but did you know your air conditioner can contribute to keeping you around longer?

Since the cold air circulating throughout your home eliminates germs, your home is less likely to be contaminated with viruses and bacteria. Also, you are less likely to have a heat stroke in the summer months when the air conditioner is cooling your home.

Your Air Conditioner Removes Humidity

An HVAC technician can add electrostatic filters and UV lights to your air conditioner. These extra features can reduce the amount of dust and germs in the air. It also dehumidifies your air.

If the unit is not showing signs of malfunctioning, you should not have difficulty breathing indoors. The air conditioning unit collects condensation in a pan attached to the unit. Since water is constantly being collected and sent outdoors, your unit needs regular maintenance in the summer months.Denver Air Conditioning Repair Services

Routine Maintenance Can Save You Money

If your air conditioner is not cleaned regularly, the dirt and mildew will clog the pipes. The extra strain on the unit will cause it to work harder. Your warranty may cover some routine maintenance, but you should still hire an HVAC technician in the summer months.

Regularly making sure all components are working properly will increase overall performance. Your electric bill will be lower in the summer when your air conditioner is clean.

During the summer months, routine maintenance should be at the front of your mind. Waiting until your air conditioner malfunctions can result in costly repairs. Schedule an appointment with an experienced HVAC technician for peace of mind on those hot summer days.

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