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Is An Energy Star A/C Right For Your Home?

Understanding Energy Star: The Benefits of Choosing an Energy Star Cooling System

Living can be expensive, especially with the number and variety of electronics and technologies that are considered necessary today. One of those often necessary modern technologies is a cooling system.

Denver Air Conditioning Installation & RepairWhether it is central air conditioning twining throughout a building or room air conditioning units installed as needed and granting greater portability, modern cooling systems can be costly; they average 50 percent of an American household budget.

Moreover, they can be very ineffectually designed, wasting plenty of energy to generate small differences in temperature. Luckily the Energy Star program uses highly visible ratings and encourages standards compliance through its label system.

What Does Energy Star Do?

Energy Star program’s goals are to reduce the emission of harmful gases and other pollutants owing to inefficient energy usage. The Energy Star label on any product promises to deliver significant energy efficiency and savings on utility bills over a reasonable period of time.

Energy Star approval is also contingent upon a product using non-proprietary technologies that encourage the spreading of such techniques and the creation and improvement of effective technologies.

Benefits of Energy Star Cooling System

  • Cleaner energy with less negative impact on the environment
  • More efficient energy usage, so less power may be used to accomplish the task
  • Greenhouse gases are reduced enough to meet or exceed minimum efficiency standards
  • Utility bills decreased
  • Lower carbon footprint.

The Value of Professionals Using Energy Star

Quality installations in the Denver area largely depend on suitable equipment selected and installed with adequate sealing and insulation. That ensures the delivery of cooled and heated air with the least loss of that treated air to the desired locations within the site of installation. Several factors apply, including air flow, duct sealing, and unit size. With proper installation, the consumer can potentially save 18 to 36 percent.

Professional contractors have the skills and experience to calculate the right size cooling system for any given intended site. They can arrange the components to minimize vent blocking and other interference. The ducts and other conduits need proper sealing to prevent loss of cooled air. By combining Energy Star compliant?appliances with proper installing techniques and attention, energy savings can truly be maximized.

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