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Causes of a Broken HVAC Unit

Top 5 Causes of a Broken HVAC Unit

As a homeowner, you want to do your best to keep the systems in your home functioning properly. One of the most important systems in your home is your HVAC unit. If it is experiencing a problem, you will notice it immediately.

Denver Cooling Repair ServicesThe main function of your HVAC unit is to keep your family comfortable. When your unit is broken, you will notice that the air in your home has become stagnant.

In order to enhance the life expectancy of your HVAC unit, it is important to know the reasons your unit might malfunction. Here are the top 5 causes of a broken HVAC Unit.

Improper Maintenance

The average HVAC unit is designed to last approximately 15 years. In some instances, it may even last longer with regularly schedule maintenance. Scheduling yearly maintenance with an HVAC professional is easy and inexpensive. A knowledgeable HVAC professional will be able to check parts to determine if they are faulty.

Air Filter is Dirty

Many Denver homeowners underestimate the power of a clean air filter. Air filters are one of the most undervalued parts of the HVAC unit. Not only does the air filter keep your home free of dust particles, it also traps dust particles that might destroy components of your unit. It is recommended that you change your air filter every 30 days.

Imbalanced Dampers

Dampers are the components that regulate the air flow in your ducts. If they are not balanced properly, your HVAC unit will not function properly. If you notice that some rooms are colder or hotter than others, the source of your problem might be the dampers. An experienced HVAC professional can balance the dampers in your Denverhome.

Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant levels determine the coolness of the air that blows into your home. If your HVAC unit is blowing hot air, then your refrigerant may be low due to a leak. Another sign that your refrigerant might be leaking is abnormally high electricity bills.

Breaker Trips

If your HVAC unit is unresponsive, the breaker in your home could be the problem. Check the breaker switch and flip it to ‘on’. Your unit might be causing a shortage in your system.

Contact a trusted professional for assistance with your unit. By calling an HVAC professional, your unit can be fixed properly.

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