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Air Handler Repair, Installation & Replacement

To regulate and circulate the air properly, your air handler must be in top shape. Express Pros air handler repair, installation & replacement can keep it running. Call us at 303-420-0420. Click here for a look at of some online specials and coupons.

air handler repair

The air handler is one of the most important aspects of your HVAC unit. It really is the meat and potatoes of your whole system. Its primary job is to circulate and regulate the flow of hot or cold air through the whole HVAC unit. We service all kinds of air handlers and we know them all inside out.

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What Are Air Handlers(AHUs?)

So just what are air handlers? Air handlers are responsible for the distribution of hot or cold air into your HVAC system. Air handlers are often enclosed in a large metal box and placed on a roof; they may also be mounted on a wall. AHUs are mainly used in larger commercial buildings and may come fitted with special dampening suspension for noise and vibration control. Air handlers typically contain several components of the HVAC unit. All of the components are eventually connected to fans and ductwork that runs through the building and back out again to the outside environment.

From the return duct (input to the AHU), to the supply duct (AHU output) the general order of operation is:

  1. Low-MERV, HEPA, electrostatic, or ultraviolet filters
  2. Heating and/or cooling elements
  3. Heat exchanger and HVAC air coils
  4. Dehumidifier (if required)
  5. Humidifier (if required)
  6. Evaporator (if required)
  7. Vaporizer (required)
  8. Mixing chamber for additional cool air (if necessary)
  9. Blower/fan

The above is a very simplified list. Your Express Pros engineer will be able to consult with you in a more complete and thorough manner when they arrive. Once the air has been through this complex system of mechanisms it is forced (by blowers/fans) into rooms around the building.

What Are Some Common Air Handler Problems?

There are several common issues that can cause air handlers to break down including:

  • A clogged air filter
  • Motor burn out
  • Damage to the blower fan belts
  • Pan leaks
  • Drain line becoming clogged with mold or other debris

Our fully trained staff are experienced in troubleshooting all manner of AHUs and we won’t leave until the problem is fixed.

Benefits of AHU replacement

A air handler system that is running efficiently doesn’t work as hard as a faulty one and therefore saves energy and money. A well maintained air handler can also improve the air quality inside your home or business and keep you breathing clean, allergen free air.

For professional and speedy air handler repair, installation and replacement, call Express Pros at 303-420-0420.