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Getting The Right Unit For Your Needs

At Express Pros we pride ourselves on delivering you the most accurate and honest information. There is no pressure to buy something more expensive that you don’t need. We use heat gain calculations, room measurements and a whole host of other factors to determine what unit will work best in your home. We may also suggest fixes that should be carried out prior to installation that will improve the envelope of your home and save you money on utility bills.

Split System Air Conditioners

ductless mini split ac system denver

Split Systems work even if you have no ductwork to speak of. A small condenser is installed outside your home with the fan-and-coil system inside. Here’s the beautiful part – the system is connected by small pipes that carry refrigerant. The sometimes 20- to 30-foot-long pipes that carry the refrigerant can be cleverly disguised to look like downspouts.

Single-Zone Split System Air Conditioners

Ductless single zone air conditioners and heat pumps can be installed so that one indoor unit speaks to one outdoor compressor. The compressor carries the refrigerant and power to the unit inside your home through a very small pipe. There is very little damage to your drywall and the installation leaves no mess.

Multi-Zone Split System Air Conditioners

With this ingenious system, one outdoor compressor can power multiple indoor units. It is also possible to control each unit remotely for unparalleled convenience and energy saving adaptability.

Whether you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade your old one, Express Pros has got what you need.

Today’s air conditioners are different, modern models use refrigerant (R410A) that protects against ozone depletion and saves energy. Saving money, energy and the environment? It’s all a win win.



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