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My Express Pros offer AC filter replacement services and sales.

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A dirty filter can really undermine your air conditioner’s efficiency. The air we breathe includes dust, pollen, bacteria, mold spores, mineral dust, and animal hair, all have been linked to respiratory problems. It’s best to install a new filter every month (during summer months) to alleviate these issues. If you are unsure which filters will work for your system, give us a call at (303) 420-0420 to learn more about our AC filter replacement services.

What Does A Furnace Filter Do?

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Furnace filters protect your blower fan from all the dust, hair, allergens and other particulates that the return duct pulls in. A good filter will remove contaminants and stop them from being recirculated throughout your home. Give us a call for all your furnace and AC filter replacement needs.

How Are Filters Rated?

Furnace filters are rated using the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). MERV ratings range from 1 to 16. Basically, the higher the MERV rating, the more particles the filter can remove. If you choose to install a higher MERV rated filter, check with your veteran technicians at Express Pros first. Higher MERV rated filters require an AC system large enough to force air through the thicker filter. A MERV rating between eight and 11 is just about right for most homes. Need to learn more about our AC Filter replacement options, give us a call today.

Types Of Filters We Install Include:

Disposable pleated filters-

 Are the most common on the market today. Constructed from paper and polyester they range in price from $3 to $45. Disposable pleated filters do a fairly good job at keeping out most household particulates and are somewhat effective at repelling allergen causing material from you home. They should be replaced on average every 3 months.

Disposable Fiberglass Filters-

These are often blue in color and are the cheapest filter on the market. Disposable fiberglass filters are a little delicate and have low MERV ratings. They must be replaced frequently.


Permanent Reusable Filters-

These are really the gold standard of air filters. They are constructed with a solid aluminum or plastic frame and their MERV ratings range from 11 to 16. They are washable (and can be vacuumed) so they are more environmentally friendly than disposable filters. While permanent filters cost more, they do last up to five years if maintained properly. Give us a call to find out how we can help you get the most out of your filters.


Electrostatic Filters-

Both disposable and washable filters come in electrostatic versions. Electrostatic filters self-charge themselves as the air passes through them and uses electrostatic charged polypropylene and polyurethane filtration medias to attract tiny particles. Check with your AC filter replacement specialist at Express Pros to ensure you can safely use electrostatic filters.