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3 Unexpected Ways to Insulate Your Home

3 Ways?to Insulate Your Floor

Denver homeowners will notice a slight draft coming from a west wall or a specific corner, but what about those chilly floors? Follow these suggestions and have a more energy-efficient and comfortable winter this year.

Denver, CO insulation servicesVented Crawl Spaces

A home with a ventilated crawl space allows moisture to escape from the moist ground. However, it also allows cold air to flow into the area during winter months. If you live in a region that experiences 4 seasons, this space can become as cold as the outdoors. Adding a layer of batted insulation between the floor joists of the crawl space will provide better insulating power and keep your home more comfortable.

Insulating Cellars

Many older homes have an unfinished room beneath their house. These spaces were once used to provide shelter from storms and to keep canned goods fresh. While they stay cold enough to benefit fresh canned veggies from the garden, they do little to keep drafts from entering the floor. By using insulated sheathing in the cellar ceiling, 2 purposes are served. It has a high R value and rodents are less apt to remove. The coolness will remain where it belongs and your home will be more energy-efficient.

Floor Radiant Heat

When your feet are warm, the feeling radiates through your entire body. Floor radiant heat systems reduce heat loss by insulating your interior floor. Even when there is a finished basement beneath, certain areas of the home will remain chillier than others due to furnace air flow. Radiant floors can eliminate the need of constantly adjusting the thermostat and keeping a more balanced comfort level.

Floors are an obvious place to check for air leaks, but are often missed because Denver homeowners tend to look out and up for problems of poor insulating.

Every home has different needs depending on when it was built, what type of foundation it has, and the region that it is in. It can be difficult to know the exact type of insulating method that will work best for your personal situation. By having an energy professional check out all aspects of your home, some of these suggestions could be made. There may also be other areas of your floor space that have been overlooked for years.

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