Choosing a Central Heating Boiler

Where to Start

Th?r? is ?? much v?r??t? available when it comes to central heating boilers that it can be difficult to make the right decision. It ?? ?m??rt?nt t? und?r?t?nd h?w the d?ff?r?nt t???? of boilers fun?t??n to see what would be best for your situation.

C?ntr?l h??t?ng ?u??l??? h??t to your ?nt?r? h?m? ?nd th? ??ur?? ?f th? h??t ?? the ??ntr?l heating b??l?r. The w?t?r ?? heated ??th?r thr?ugh th? ??mbu?t??n? ?f fossil fu?l?, n?tur?l g??, ?r even ?l??tr???t?, them th? heat is d??tr?but?d to various parts ?f the home. It’s possible to?have separate ??ntr?l heating boilers ??ntr?ll?d w?th th?rm??t?t? ?r ?r?gr?mm?r?. Sm?rt h?m? controllers ?r? ?l?? b??ng u??d t? automatically operate home heating un?t?, ?? th?t they ??n b? turn?d on ?nd off at ?????f??d times.

Th?r? ?r? d?ff?r?nt t???? ?nd ??rr????nd?ng usage ?f the ??ntr?l h??t?ng b??l?r. Th? v?r??t??n ?f b??l?r u??d will d???nd on th? h?m? ?nd l?f??t?l? of th? ???u??nt?.

Types of Central Heating Boilers

  • C?mb? b??l?r? ?r? dual-purpose un?t? th?t not ?nl? ?r?du?? heat fr?m h??t?ng w?t?r, but you can also use the hot water for other things ?u?h as ?h?w?r? ?r ?l??n?ng. There is n? n??d for h?t w?t?r storage t?nk? ?r ??l?nd?r?, wh??h ??v?? ?n ?????. Wh?n u??d ?? a h??t?ng unit, a ??ntr?l heating b??l?r can provide hot water instantly wh?n it ?? needed.
  • S??t?m b??l?r? ?r? ?u?t?bl? for h?m?? ?r l???t??n? wh?r? there ?r? mult??l? b?thr??m?. A h?t w?t?r-?t?r?g? t?nk ?? n??d?d, but with th?? b??l?r system, hot w?t?r ??n be delivered t? m?n? ?utl?t? simultaneously. The d???dv?nt?g? of this ???t?m is th?t ?th?r ??m??n?nt?. These pieces su?h ?? ?um?? ?nd f?n? or m?t?r? ?r? ?l?? required?for it to function, and have the potential to fail.
  • O??n V?nt b??l?r? normally ?n?lud? two tanks ?n?t?ll?d ?t h?gh?r elevations ?l?ng with a h?t water ?t?r?g? ??l?nd?r. W?t?r ?? supplied from one tank t? th? d??tr?but??n ??ur?e wh?l? the ?th?r ?u??l??? w?t?r to th? ?t?r?g? ??l?nd?r. Th? w?t?r fr?m th? storage ??l?nd?r is then distributed to ?utl?t? to showers, faucets, laundry machines, and/?r d??hw??h?r?. System boilers have now b??n ?u??l?nt?d b? m?r? ?ff????nt h??t?ng ???t?m?, but m?? still b? ???n ?n ?ld?r h?m??.

R?tr?f?tt?ng ?ld?r homes t? m?r? ?ff????nt heating can be ???tl?. But, ?f th? ?u?nt?t??? ?f th? r?tr?f?t? w?rr?nt ?t, it can be done????t-?ff??t?v?l?. There ?r? ??m? interesting t??hn??u?? th?t can b? used to r?du?? th? ???t?. In?t?ll?ng ?nd?v?du?l thermostatic ??ntr?l? th?t ??n b? ??t w?th a r?m?t? d?v??? or control ??n?l, w?uld ?ll?w temperature programming of individual rooms.

It ?? also ?xtr?m?l? ?m??rt?nt t? remember that like all heating systems, b??l?r? m?? n??d servicing ??r??d???ll?. Alth?ugh th? frequency of the service ?? dictated b? the quality ?nd u?? ?f ??ur boiler, some professional help is ??m?t?m?? necessary.

At Express Pros, we’re proud to be a trusted HVAC contractor serving the greater Denver area. If you still need some help deciding on the right system for you, feel free to?contact us?and check out?our reviews.

6 Responses to “Choosing a Central Heating Boiler”

  1. Central Heating Systems in Auckland

    Excellent information here, big help into my research on whether to get a system or not.

  2. Gary Puntman

    It sounds like a combi boiler would be a great option for me. I’ve been wanting to get a new heating system in my house. It’s nice that they will heat my home and also provide hot water to all areas of my house. I agree that this could help me save space in my furnace room. It seems like this is an effective and even energy efficient option.

  3. Jocelyn McDonald

    My husband and I recently moved into a home with no heating system, and we’re considering getting a boiler. Your article had some great tips for choosing a boiler, and I really liked that you mentioned that boilers need periodical servicing to keep it running at top quality. Thanks for the helpful post, we’ll keep your advice in mind when choosing a heating system for our home.

  4. Elsa Anderson

    It’s good to know that there are different types of central boilers to choose from to supply heat evenly from your home. You just have to ensure that the chosen heat boiler provides the convenience such as able to regulate the temperature and switch it on and off when needed. My husband and I just had our dream home built and all it takes are a few finishing installations and touches before we move in. As far as heating is concerned, it will be best to seek the help of the experts to pick which boiler is right for and will take care of the installation for us.


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