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Denver Boiler Repair

Maintenance Of Your Old Boiler

It’s important to maintain your boiler to avoid costly breakdowns and possible safety issues. Call us to schedule your boiler check-up and one of our friendly dispatch operators can send a technician out to you in the greater Denver?area fast. We?ll analyze the issue and get you safe and sound in no time at all. Maintenance of your boiler typically includes checking and inspecting:

  • For signs of deterioration or decay
  • All flues and vents
  • The pilot light is functioning normally
  • All gas fittings and/or connections
  • Gas pressure

Installing A Brand New Boiler

Brand new boilers offer updated features, far superior efficiency and higher all around quality than the boilers of old. Talk to your Express Pro technician and get the information you need to make an informed decision. Purchasing a new boiler is an expensive proposition – get advice from a trusted source who lives and works in your part of the greater Denver area. We will get you the best boiler for your specific needs.

How To Keep Your Boiler In Tip Top Condition

There are twice as many boiler breakdowns in mid to late October than in the middle of winter because that’s when people typically fire up their boiler after a summer of inactivity, and even less maintenance.

Get your boiler serviced regularly by your Express Pros engineers before the colder weather sets in and you?ll not only extend the life of your boiler, but you?ll save money.

Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t cover your boiler or obstruct air vents
  • Never open the cover – call us if you suspect anything at all!
  • Run your boiler for 15 minutes each month in the summer
  • Place a carbon monoxide detector on the casing of a gas boiler

We cannot stress this enough – call us if you suspect anything! Boilers that are well maintained will run trouble free for years, but a boiler that has been neglected can be a danger to you and your family. It?s our promise to you – our neighbors, we will only recommend purchasing a new boiler if your old one is a hazard, or you will save substantial money on utility bills by getting a new one. Your safety and comfort are our number one priority.

Call Express Pros at 303-420-0420 today to find out if your boiler should be repaired. We like think we are Denver?s finest HVAC team, let us prove it to you.