5 St??? To Take B?f?r? H?r?ng An HVAC Contractor

Your Checklist Before Hiring An HVAC Contractor

Wh?th?r you ?nt?nd t? r??l??? ??ur h??t?ng ?nd ??r system, n??d ?t repaired, or ju?t w?nt a company t? come ?ut and perform a routine ?n????t??n, ??u ??n d? better th?n just ???k?ng an HVAC?contractor out ?f the blu?. By taking ??ur t?m? ?nd d??ng a b?t ?f r????r?h, you can ?n?ur? th?t you h?r? th? best ?????bl? HVAC contractor and ??m??n? for the j?b, rather than wh?m?v?r had th? good f?rtun? t? be listed f?r?t on Yelp.

Tr??t ??ur HVAC ???t?m with respect ?nd you will g?t th? ??m? treatment ?n r?turn. On? ?f the best w??? t? do th?t ?? t? hire a g??d ??m??n? f?r installation ?nd air conditioning/heating r????r. Here ?r? 5 steps you ?h?uld t?k? before d??ng so.

Ch??k All HVAC Contractor L???n???

In m??t ?r???, th?r? ?r? probably three ?r f?ur “big n?m?” h??t?ng ?nd ??r contractors ?nd then ??v?r?l ?m?ll?r ??m??n??? ?nd one-man ?utf?t? ??m??t?ng f?r their ?h?r? ?f th? ???. If you stick w?th th? top t??r contractors, ??u ?r?b?bl? d?n’t n??d t? w?rr? too mu?h ?b?ut ?h??k?ng l???n??? and ?u?h. Th??r ?r?f?l? is t?? high t? get ?w?? w?th n?t running a bu??n??? ?n v??l?t??n ?f state law. But there ?r? b?n?f?t? to going with ?m?ll?r HVAC contractors. If ??u d?, th?ugh, ??u n??d to ?n?ur? they ?r? ?r???rl? l???n??d.

Ch??k The HVAC Contractor In?ur?n??

Ju?t as you mu?t m?k? ?ur? that th? heating ?nd cooling contractor ??u h?r? h?? their l???n??, you mu?t also make sure they are properly ?n?ur?d. If they aren’t and someone fr?m their crew ?? injured ?n ??ur ?r???rt? (or they d?m?g? something in ?r ?n your h?u??), ??u ??uld be h?ld responsible financially if the ?n?ur?n?? is n?t in place.


Y?u n?v?r w?nt to ??? for the same r????r? tw??? b???u?? th? HVAC contractor ??u h?r?d did n?t ?ff?r you a warranty ?n th??r w?rk. Wh?l? ?n?t?ll?t??n? should ??m? w?th a m?nuf??tur?r’? w?rr?nt?, there’s n? ?x?u?? f?r a ??m??n? th?t f??l? to ?t?nd b?h?nd their w?rk. If th?? d?n’t, ??u ?h?uld ask yourself wh? th?t ??.

St?? By The Business

If th?? h?v? one, t?k? the t?m? t? g? b? th??r ?l??? ?f bu??n???. A HVAC ??ntr??t?r w?n’t ?lw??? h?v? ?n ?ff???, but many d?ubl? as ?n ?uth?r?z?d seller of certain m?nuf??tur?r’? HVAC ???t?m? ?nd ??rt? ?nd will h?v? a ?t?r? for th?t ?ur????. Y?u can get ?n ?d?? ?f th? ??m??n?’? professionalism ?nd service b? ?t????ng by th??r ?t?r? (?r th??r ?ff????, ?f th?? don’t run a separate store).

Check the W?b??t?

T?d??, m?n? ??ntr??t?r? h?v? w?b??t?? that ??n t?ll ??u a l?t about th?m ?nd th? services they ?ff?r. Y?u can ??m??r? v?r??u? contractors this way ?nd f?nd ?n? th?t ??????l?z?? ?n th? ??rv???? you n??d ??rf?rm?d. Y?u ??n ?l?? ??m?t?m?? f?nd ??????l? and ??u??n? b? dr????ng b? their w?b??t? b?f?r? you contact them.

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9 Responses to “5 St??? To Take B?f?r? H?r?ng An HVAC Contractor”

  1. Jesse Ford

    I like how you mentioned that you’ll get the same treatment in return if you treat your heating and cooling system with respect. My wife and I are thinking of looking for an air conditioning services company because we noticed last week after turning on our cooling unit that it was making a strange noise and blowing out hot air. I think it’s a good idea for us to consider hiring a reputable professional that can help us fix our AC so we can stay cool during the warmer months.

  2. Travis Smith

    I liked how you mentioned that you should check the license and insurance of an HVAC contractor before hiring them. My wife and I are wanting to prepare for the summer better and we were wondering who we should hire to come to maintain our AC. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for an HVAC contractor in our area that is licensed and insured.

  3. Rick Davis

    I loved your tip of checking the licenses of an HVAC contractor before you hire them. My wife and I are wanting to improve our AC efficiency and we were wondering who we can hire to help us make our AC more efficient. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for an HVAC contractor in our area that has the right credentials.

  4. Frank Ball

    It’s good to learn that you should make sure your HVAC contractor is properly insured. My wife and I are wanting to repair our house and we were wondering who we should hire to take a look at our HVAC system. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should look for an HVAC contractor in our area that is insured.

  5. Carly Mckeen

    Thank you for stating that y?u can get ?n ?d?? ?f th? ??m??n??? professionalism ?nd service b? ?t????ng by th??r ?t?r?. The air conditioning in my basement just stopped working, and I need to get it fixed as soon as possible. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when hiring an HVAC contractor.

  6. Millie Hue

    It really helped when you said that we should visit their facility personally because it will tell us how professional they are in handling customers. I will share this tip with a friend of mine to help her hire the right people for the repair of their unit. It appears that it’s the first time it acted up, and now they are going to stay at my house for the night until the unit gets fixed.

  7. Raeger Wynchester

    We recently bought a new AC unit because the old one that has been serving our household for over ten years finally retired. It was a good thing that I came across this article before I proceeded to hire an HVAC contractor. You mentioned that I should make sure that they are insured so that I will not be held legally responsible should they get hurt while working on my property. Thank you for letting me know. I’ll remember that.

  8. My Express Pros

    You’re welcome!! We hope it helped!

  9. My Express Pros

    Have questions? Feel free to leave a comment and an HVAC specialist will be happy to help you.


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